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Scomptec has been helping businesses successfully apply Information Technology since 1980. With the Installed Customer base of more than 1,000 small, medium and large businesses, scomptec become one of the largest and fastest growing Information Technology provider in East Indonesia.
As business grows and your computer environment becomes more complex, your support and service needs become more complicated as well. Today managers of multilocation and multivendor systems need a single source for quality service and support.
Built on , years of experience and back by more than 200 dedicated computer personnel, scomptec provides and delivering comprehensive Information Technology support and services across multivendor environments.

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multiso1.gif (2977 bytes) Services Alliance in Maintenance, Repair - Services, Cabling - Power Installation and Engineering Works.

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Infosys1.jpg   Software Alliance in System Design,  Application Development and Programming Services

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soldat1.gif (2951 bytes) Communication alliance in Networking, LAN, WAN connectivity

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edukom1.gif (3345 bytes) Training Alliance in, seminar, customized - company training and product knowledge

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school1.gif (2863 bytes) Education Alliance in computer education for desktop application and advance technical courses

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cbs1.gif (3771 bytes) Formal Education Alliance to deliver a quality human resources from diploma to Master degree.

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fkids1.gif (1567 bytes) Computer Children Education

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LogoPrometric.jpg Take your International Certification (MCSE, MCP, CCNA, CCNP, etc.)

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logo Cambridge.jpg Take your Cambridge International Diploma in Computing

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access.gif (2929 bytes) English Language School to support international under graduate and post graduate study

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